What Is A Trundle Bed? Nine Benefits Of It

What Is A Trundle Bed? Nine Benefits Of It

When you go bed shopping, there are many factors to consider.

These include how much space you’ll need in your room to accommodate the bed as well as how much use you can get from it.

If you need a bed that’s versatile and comfortable, you should consider purchasing a trundle bed.

What, exactly, is a trundle bed?

This type of bed is basically two beds in one. It has a wheeled bed underneath a normal bed that can be pulled out when needed.

The trundle bed is a fantastic way to save space and give you more options when you need to have more sleeping spots in the house, such as when you have guests that are staying with you for a few days or your kids are having sleepovers.

Here’s everything you need to know about trundle beds.

How Large Is A Trundle Bed?

Trundle Bed

Trundle beds save a lot of space, and that’s because their frames are a bit smaller than those of regular beds.

You can find trundle beds that have a twin or full-size frame. The standard frame height on a trundle bed is around seven to nine inches in height.

When it comes to floor space, a twin size trundle bed will take approximately 7650 inches squared (approximately 53 square feet) of floor space, while a full size trundle bed will take approximately 9900 inches squared (which is approximately 69 square feet).

Trundle Beds: Are They Just For Kids?

Trundle beds are sometimes marketed for how they are great to have in your children’s bedrooms, mainly because of how they make the most of limited space.

However, adults can sleep on trundle beds. You can benefit from having them in various rooms in the house, such as the home office or lounge.

If you’re interested in trundle beds but you want to choose the best option for adults, you should consider a pop-up trundle bed.

In this design, the lower bed can extended so that it becomes flush with the upper bed.

This can make the bed much bigger, and gives you comfortable sleeping options, especially if you are sharing the bed with your partner.

A pop-up trundle bed is also the best choice if you have health conditions that make moving in and out of bed a stressful experience because trundle beds generally are positioned quite low to the floor.

Daybed Vs. Trundle Bed: Are They The Same Bed?

Daybed vs Trundle Bed

If you’re shopping for a new bed, you’ve probably come across the terms “trundle bed” and “daybed.”

You might be wondering what differences there are between daybeds and trundle beds, and if they’re actually the same thing. They’re not.

A daybed can be defined as a bed that’s used for sleeping on or relaxing on.

It will usually have an opening on one of its sides. This enables it to be used as a seating area during the day.

On the other hand, a trundle bed looks like a regular bed, but it’s two beds in one with two mattresses on it.

The trundle bed can be a better idea than a daybed. To find out why, let’s look at its many benefits.

Nine Benefits Of Trundle Beds

Now that you know what a trundle bed is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of owning one. Here are nine reasons why you should buy one!

You Can Use Any Mattress On Top

Trundle Bed with Bookcase and Drawers

The mattress that goes on top of the trundle bed can be any type of mattress, such as hybrid, memory foam, or another, which makes it very versatile and helps you find the right mattress that you find most comfortable.

Bear in mind that the lower mattress of the trundle bed will have to be between eight and 10 inches in thickness.

You Can Find It In A Variety Of Styles

There are many designs and styles of trundle beds on the market.

You can find ones with metal or wood frames, for instance, which makes it easy to find the most suitable one for your bedroom décor – or the décor of another room in which you have installed the trundle bed, such as your study or guest room.

You can even find trundle bed frames that are upholstered in fabric.

You Can Find One With Added Storage

If you have a small living space, you’ll want a trundle bed because it’s so great at not taking up too much room.

But you can also find trundle beds that come with extra storage underneath the bed, which is a bonus if you need to pack away items that are cluttering your living space. 

They’re Safer For Kids

If you’re using a trundle bed in your kids’ room, it’s safer than putting in a bunk bed.

This is because your kids won’t have to climb up onto the top bed.

In addition, since trundle beds have a smaller secondary bed that has a thinner mattress on it, they’re actually perfect for kids to feel comfortable when sleeping.

And, a benefit for parents is that if your child is sick or getting used to sleeping on his or her own, you can sleep in the lower bed for a few nights to make them feel safer.

They’re Multifunctional

Young Girl Laying On Trundle Bed

A trundle bed can be used in a variety of ways in your living space.

You can use it as a sofa and then pull out the lower bed when you need to turn it into a bed for sleeping.

You can use it as a kiddie’s bed and then transform it into a pop-up bed for adults.

You can even use it as a comfortable spot in the home office, making it perfect for afternoon naps!

They Can Accommodate A Range Of Weights

You might not think a trundle bed can cater for larger weight but it is strong enough to accommodate between 400 and 450 pounds.

This means that it can also be used by couples, provided that the bed is large enough for two people to sleep on it comfortably.

They Come With Wheel Locks

If you want to position your trundle bed in the middle of the room, one of your concerns might be that the bed will move around.

However, many trundle beds have four wheels attached to them, and two can be locked for extra safety.

They’re Easy To Assemble

You might not look forward to assembling your trundle bed, but luckily many trundle bed designs will arrive shipped in one box and they have easy instructions that will make it easy to assemble them.

In fact, most trundle beds can be assembled and installed within half an hour.

They’ll Save You Money

Money In Wallet

You can find a decent-quality trundle bed for less than $500, which makes them kinder to the pocket than other types of beds.

However, one of the biggest benefits of owning a trundle bed is that it can be altered to suit your needs and this can save you money in the future.

If your child or teen is currently using a trundle bed, when they move out of the house the trundle bed can be turned into a daybed and guest room bed, or it can be placed in a study where it can be used for its excellent storage. 

Related Questions

Do you need special sheets for your trundle bed?

You can use your regular bed sheets on trundle beds, but as with other beds you’ll have to ensure that the sheets are compatible with your mattress, such as by taking your mattress thickness and length into account.

Can you purchase the lower part of a trundle bed on its own?

This is possible – you can find loads of under-beds on Amazon! These can offer you many more options for using your trundle bed in unique ways.


 If you’re looking for a space-saving bed for your home, the trundle bed is worth checking out.

As we’ve outlined in this article, the trundle bed comes with many benefits, such as being cost-effective and comfortable for people of various ages.

Some even come with extra perks, such as storage space underneath them.

And, if you currently have a trundle bed at home, you now have so many more uses for them than you initially thought!

These beds are definitely not just reserved for your kids’ rooms!

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