22 Unusual Mattresses

22 Unusual Mattresses

We all know how important sleep is for all of us.

And where we get that sleep is equally important. Mostly, that place is a bed with a lovely mattress. But sleeping on a conventional bed can get boring.

So to break the monotony of it, some creative minds all around the world keep on creating innovative beds.

Not everyone can afford to get an eccentric bed, but we can at least learn about them and praise the creativity of the human mind.

So here are the 22 of the most bizarre and unusual bedding from all around the world for you to read about and be amused or shocked based on shock-absorbing tendencies.

If you’d like to see a graphical breakdown of the unusual mattresses, we got you covered:

Unusual Mattresses

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1. The Murphy bed

The Murphy Bed

This is that foldable bed that comes out of the wall, which you’ve probably seen lots of times but never knew the name of.

This is perfect for the disciples of Marie Condo, but it’s mostly considered unsophisticated and for small places. The latter might be accurate, but the former is not even close.

Modern Murphy beds are elegant and classy. They come in luxurious cabinets and offer a great deal of comfort and convenience to the user.

And it’s easy on the pocket too. You can even install a Murphy bed yourself for just under $200.

2. Futon/Pullout Bed

This is an excellent option for the younger generation. It’s low maintenance and comes out from under the couch whenever needed.

It’s a two in one bed; it can just stay a couch in the living room or provide more sitting space when there are a lot of guests to accommodate.

You can get more sitting area in an instance.

3. Loft Bed

It’s also a great space-saving option. It’s like a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. So you can hoist it up on posts or by taking support from the wall and store things underneath it.

You can even put a desk and shelf to have a mini-study right under your bed.

It’s not too expensive, either. You can get a loft bed installed for $150-300.

4. Daybed


A daybed is like a sofa as well as a bed, which doesn’t need to be converted from one setting to the other. It’s constructed in a way that you can use it as a bed or couch at the same time.

Hence the name day bed, because you don’t need to convert it. It looks like a couch but is also a bed, unlike a sofa-bed that you need to change from the sofa to the bed at night.

5. La Montana Rusa

This bed is as peculiar as its name. It looks like a roller coaster because it’s inspired by one. La Montana is shaped like a roller coaster with pink cushions covering the coaster tracks.

It must seem like a ridiculously strange option for a bed, but that’s okay because it wasn’t exactly created for people to sleep on. It was designed to be exhibited in New York in 2008.

6. Cinema Bed

The manufacturers of this bed claim that it is the most advanced bed till date. They might be right though, because it turns into the convenient in-home theater within the warmth of your bed.

It’s a canopy shaped bed that converts into a home theatre using automatic blinds. It also comes with a full-fledged sound system, LED lights, and, of course, an LED screen.

7. VW Camper Bed

VW Camper Bed

This bed is inspired by, as the name suggests, a camper van. The in-room camper van is known as the bun van, and the exterior of it is made of fiberglass and a chrome-plated finish.

The interior of this van-bed features a TV, a small fridge, a sofa and of course the bed itself.

It’s a camper van for the bedroom.

8. Outdoor Mosquito Net Hammock Bed

The title says it all. It’s for those who thrive in outdoor settings.

It’s a hammock bed that’s enveloped in mosquito net so that you can enjoy a good day in the sun without being feasted on by the blood-hungry mosquitoes.

9. The Mermaid Clamp Bed

This bed is inspired by the Disney mermaid Ariel. It comes with two robust pieces that make the shell of the bed which are joined by a large hinge at the top. It sits atop rocks and features LED lights that are conditioned to change color intermittently.

10. Book Bed

Book Bed

The unconventional book bed was constructed by a Japanese designer to tackle the lack of space in urban Japanese apartments.

It is shaped as a large book that unfolds to reveal a mattress and a bunch of pillows that would be make the pages of the book.

11. Faz Daybed

This bed is designed to keep you safe from the scorching sun.

The structure of the bed comes with an optional shed, known as the sunbrella, that blocks out the sunlight it’s optional because you can stretch it over the foundation of the bed according to your mood or need.

However, there is more to this daybed than just the top-notch sunbrella to protect you from the weather. It also features an LED-lit base, a Bluetooth sound system.

12. Rocking Bed Private Cloud

The rocking bed allows you to rock yourself or/and your partner off your own accord. It stands on a curved base that enables it to move back and forth.

13. Giant Egg Nest Bed

Giant Egg Nest Bed

Shaped like a giant nest, this bed takes you to the land of chickens. With egg-shaped pillows, it’s enclosed inside a cup wall which looks like the outer hay wall of a nest.

It was designed for an exhibition back in April 2008.

14. Letto Zip Bed

Letto zip comes with the option of zipping the bed ballet. So you can hide all the shameful mess in an instant by zipping up the corners of this bed.

15. Flottua Bed

This bed was designed by an Italian designer back in 2004. It gives the visual illusion like its floating above the ground.

The bed uses the wall to support its structure. Lights conceal the only support beam that’s used under the bed because of which the bed appears to be levitating.

16. Floating Hammock Bed

Floating Hammock Bed

For a floating hammock bed, you use ropes to suspend a round-shaped hammock bed from the ceiling that allows it to swing around in the air. It comes with a memory foam mattress.

It was designed to improve the quality of sleep of the sleeper by gently rocking them back and forth in an abundance of fresh air.

17. Yin and Yang Bed

A Yin and Yang bed is based on the Chinese symbol of the same name.

It is a round-shaped bunk bed that uses a wooden partition that forms the base of the top bunk. While the bottom bunk is actually the base of the round structure.

An Italian designer once said that this bed is ideal for couples who have to share a room but also want to maintain their personal space.

18. Hamburger Bed

The famous hamburger bed was the creation of Kayla Kromer, who got a circular bed in the ’70s and then turned it into a hamburger herself.

She sold it in 2008, and from there, the bed and the idea of it made its way into multiple homes.

19. Seating System Deluxe

It is actually a collection of 120 softballs that make up the sleeping or sitting surface for the user. It is comfortable for individuals or couples to sink into the softballs and enjoy a profound sleep shift.

20. Le Beanock Bed

Le Beanock Bed

The unusual Le Beanock bed is essentially a hammock bed. It is like a flat bean bag suspended from the ceiling with multiple ropes.

You can hook it up when you want, and when you want to sleep on the floor, you just unhook the lines and land it on the floor.

21. IT Bed

It bed gives you the option to pick up your bed, pack it up and carry it around like a nomad or a backpacker.

It stands on a cardboard structure that folds in and out like an accordion allowing you to carry it easily from place to place.

The cardboard-based is covered with a layer of foam on top where the sleeper gets to rest.

22. Vertical Bed

Vertical Bed

Yes, you read it right! It is, indeed, vertical. A vertical bed is made of a long cushion, which is twisted in a way that it allows the sleeper to sleep in an upright position.

It feels like you are being taken partially enveloped by a giant marshmallow.

It’s an excellent option for people with spinal problems as it keeps the spine straight and minimizes the chances of curvatures getting induced in the sleeper’s back.

These may seem like unusual bedding options, but the only thing that comes to our mind after learning about these unique beds is that sleeping can be so much fun.

And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it takes up 1/3 of our lives; we should at least get to have some fun with it.

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